The Leeds Night Owls Wargames Club is a long established club that meets on Sundays.


We play many types of systems from Sci-Fi to Historical to Board Games. Check out our "Games currently popular with our members" page, this, however, is not an exhaustive list.


With many rule systems being played, the chances are that we will have something to fit the bill if you want to come along, and on just about any scale you can think off.


The Club has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with no hierarchy, other than the, very small, committee to see the club runs smoothly. We also provide a tuck shop on game days. There are enough tables and terrain within the club to run 12 to 16 games you need only bring along a tape, dice and the toy soldiers you wish to do battle with.


The venue, The Cardigan Centre, 145 Cardigan Road, Leeds, is handily located, with free parking on site. Located close by are a subway and a chippy for those lunchtime meals.


Proceedings start at 10 am on Sunday mornings and proceed until 3 pm.


So if you're in the area and interested, why not pop in and have a look-see-nosey? We'll be glad to meet you and chat. Or have a browse around our website to see what we get up to.


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